WAU 100

Touch screen wind alarm system

The WAU 100 is designed to meet the mandatory anemometer and monitoring requirements of ExxonMobil’s Marine Environmental, Safety and Quality Assurance Criteria (MESQAC) for international ocean/seagoing tanker vessels in ExxonMobil affiliate service.

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WAU 100 Front WAU 100 Angle WAU 100 Side WAU 100 Back

Safeguarding tanker loading and unloading

The WAU 100 wind alarm system is designed to meet section E.1a of ExxonMobil's MESQAC.

The WAU 100 incorporates a touch screen with a simple and intuitive user interface to set the two alarm limits and acknowledge alarms when the wind speed exceeds the set limits. Additionally, it has a built-in printer and mini USB storage for both paper and digital event recording to meet the storage requirements of MESQAC. Further flexibility is offered by using local UTC date and time or synchronisation via NMEA sentences ZDA or RMC. Built-in audible and visible alarms can be supplemented with external beacons and sirens for noisy environments using two relay outputs.

The WAU 100 supports out-of-the-box installation with the DEIF WSS 550 or WSS 750 wind sensors, and for a cost-effective total solution, the DEIF XDi-N Wind can easily be integrated with the WAU 100 to provide additional display capability for other locations such as the Engine Control Room.

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