Rudder angle transmitter

Safe and secure steering is assured with DEIF’s range of MED and marine approved rudder angle transmitters.

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RTA 602 01 RTA 602 02 RTC 602 01 RTC 602 02 RTA With Attachments No Chord

Steering a steady course

Accurate, robust and frictionless are key attributes of DEIF’s rudder angle transmitters.

Available in both CAN and analogue 2-wire versions, DEIF’s rudder angle transmitters allow for quick and simple installation and integration. The RTC and RTA transmitters are maintenance free with a continuous shaft rotation with no electromechanical moving parts, and are therefore not susceptible to the wear and tear associated with potentiometer type transmitters. Combined with an IP67 rating and a class accuracy of <0.25°, they are built to last in harsh environments.

The cost and risk of system approvals can be reduced and mitigated by taking advantage of DEIF’s pre-approved MED systems which include our RTA and RTC transmitters combined with other products from DEIF’s bridge portfolio such as the XL, BW and BRW and XDi.

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