Steuerungslösungen für Windkraftanlagen und Technologie für Turbinen im kW- und MW-Bereich

Second to none wind turbine controller solution including automatic code generation

DEIF's Advanced Wind Turbine Controller, AWC 500, is second-to-none the most robust controller fully operational in extreme temperatures from -40 °C to +70°C and at altitudes of 4,000 meters. Is immune to electrical noise and designed specifically with robustness in mind, the controller is extremely protective against destroying surge pulses and conforms to CE acceptance tests.

DEIF's control solution is perfect for engineers who are looking to design and integrate own control strategy with a state-of-the-art toolbox supporting integration of Matlab Simulink and external turbine design tool such as Bladed. 

Control system solution

Weather you are a turbine manufacturer or system integrator designing a new turbine, we can deliver a complete electrical system design including state of the art control strategy and application design to integrate all subsystems of the wind turbine. The electrical design is our core knowledge and with your turbine certifying body we ensure full conformity to the demanding IEC and ISO norms when it comes to both functionality and safety. 

Controller retrofit solution

DEIF's wind turbine controller is a perfect fit for the challenging conditions offered in older turbines due to their less advanced protection and climate-controlled control cabinets. We can deliver complete retrofit solutions including control strategy, software and component package, or open controller solutions. DEIF collaborates with an open partnership approach and can also provide knowledge transfer on technology and software.