Complete system design and integration for Blaiken wind park, Sweden

Cross-cultural project partnership

DEIF Wind Power Technology has recently taken part in a project where 30 new GL certified turbines with a total capacity of 75MW was commissioned for one of Europe’s largest wind farms, Blaiken Wind in Sweden. In partnership with Dongfang and Skellefteå Kraft, DEIF efficiently helped to commission the 30 turbines within 12 months. DEIF Wind Power Technology delivered and integrated the complete electrical system for the project, whereas Dongfang supplied the turbines, which have been GL certified in China, based on a collaboration between DEIF and the TÜV SÜD certifying body. Part of DEIF's role in the project was integrating the pitch and turbine control systems, including a de-icing system for sustaining full functionality in very cold temperatures, which was performed by an on-site team of DEIF engineers with the required technological know-how.

Complete system integration & technological know-how

DEIF Wind Power Technology constituted a strong competence in securing the turbine components for the complete system in Dongfang’s turbines for the wind park. The entire
system is built on the integration of DEIF's technologies: Turbine and Pitch Control, Park Control, and SCADA system. An integral part of the integrated technology is the Wind Park Control System, which ensures both a stable power production and a reliable transmission to the grid after the commissioning of the turbines. In order to facilitate this, the Wind Park Control System has been built to comply with the Swedish criteria and local grid code requirements for energy production and integration with the electrical grid. The entire purpose of the project is to secure a safe and reliable production of clean energy for thousands of households in Northern Sweden.

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