Greenfield hybrid controllers

DEIF hybrid controllers for greenfield applications help you design, implement, run, and supervise a complete and scalable hybrid energy management system (EMS) from the ground up. You can combine all types of renewable and fossil power sources as well as battery energy storage systems (ESS).

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Maximum green power with advanced features

DEIF controllers offer a range of advanced features that maximise green energy penetration, improve efficiency, and lower operating costs. For example, the ASC-4 Solar controller can interface with weather forecasting systems such as sky cameras that notify the EMS in advance when PV production is about to be reduced by clouds. And the EMS synchronises all connected power sources, ensuring that switches between power sources happen automatically and instantly without noticeable power disruptions. By maximising the green power penetration ratio, a DEIF EMS is ideally suited for green self-consumption applications.

Intelligent features combine sustainability with reliability

With a greenfield hybrid EMS solution based on DEIF controllers, you get intelligent power management features that ensure power resilience and reliability while maximising green energy penetration. The controllers constantly exchange status information about the current load demand and renewable production, prioritising renewables whenever possible. In the event of fluctuations or disruptions in renewable power production, the system can automatically switch to mains or genset power.

Designed for ease of use, scalability, and reconfiguration

All DEIF hybrid controllers offer a user-friendly interface that simplifies system setup and reconfiguration. The intelligent controllers make it very easy to add or remove power sources in your hybrid power plant: New controllers are onboarded automatically as soon as they are connected, including them in the energy management logic so you can quickly scale up or down as required and meet your business objectives.

Well suited for rental applications

DEIF greenfield hybrid power controllers are very well suited for rental applications of any size. With plug-and-play DEIF controllers on each asset, you can quickly set up a full DEIF PMS. For example, you can use it to control rental assets that combine several gensets and battery energy storage systems in a flexible package that delivers the required power with fewer emissions and zero noise pollution.

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