Robust backup solution with optional remote monitoring

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Robust Low Cost Backup Solutio 2N

AGI 407

AGI 400 Front

A comprehensive HMI solution, DEIF’s AGI 400 series connects to all DEIF Multi-line controllers, as well as third party electronics, via standard defined communication protocols, featuring functionalities which eliminate the need for other instruments, thus saving you both space and wiring.

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Insight is a responsive remote monitoring service using advanced and secure cloud data management. Get instant access to data from all units, no matter where they are - or where you are.

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SGC 420 Mk II

Compatible with a wide range of engines, the SGC 420 Mk II offers flexible genset and breaker control with extensive configuration options including live data supervision and PLC logic customisation.

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For base transceiver station (BTS) applications and similar, DEIF controllers provide the reliable performance and the simplicity you need to design reliable control solutions.

A single SGC 420 controller can handle the entire application as it allows you to control a mains breaker, a genset breaker, and a genset. For added redundancy, you can install a secondary backup controller.

In case of mains failure, the system automatically switches to backup power from the generator using Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) with a short-term blackout.

The AGI 407 display has a built-in gateway that allows you to remotely connect using the Insight remote monitoring tool.

If you have several generators or renewables on site and need to manage and synchronise them, our AGC/ASC 150 series of controllers offers robust and cost-effective power management solutions.