First-mover in hybrid microgrid solutions

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Designed specifically to serve as a reliable, fully integrated and optimising link between sustainable power plants and genset power plants, DEIF’s Automatic Sustainable Controller, the ASC, is a new, market-leading solution for the industry.

Fully compatible with DEIF Power Management system technology, the ASC is scalable, flexible and modular, supporting multiple operating modes including Off-grid, Grid-tied, and Combination (Off-grid/Grid-tied).

The ASC interfaces to PV inverters and even weather stations from well-known makers using the industrial SunSpec standard/OEM specific protocols.

The system’s safety features include breaker control, quick shutdown of sustainable power sources, directional power protection, and loss of mains protection according to national local grid codes.

Fast & easy commissioning & operation

Use patent-pending DEIF Emulation to design and plan your plant with true verification but no risk to your equipment. Install production-ready control hardware and commission your hybrid control system with confidence using DEIF Utility Software (USW).

Capitalising on DEIF’s record delivery times on standard products and our product platform’s modular structure and flexible formats, using DEIF USW you can draw and expand your plant with multiple power sources.

Train your own engineers to become hybrid control engineers, or benefit from DEIF’s turnkey and project management expertise.