Load shedding system for offshore project

Offshore project in the GCC region

A switchboard builder needed a simple load shedding system for an offshore oil project in the GCC region and having good experiences with DEIF, he decided to contact the office in Dubai to get a design proposal.

Load shedding system without the use of PLCs

The switchboard builder was building a new low voltage switchboard for a customer that needed the system for gensets on four offshore platforms, each containing four 1250 KVA gas generators with individual protection system. The switchboard should control the outgoing feeders. Therefore, he was looking for a load shedding system that monitors the generator loadings based on their capability curve, and in the event of power shortage, shed load to match the operational generator capabilities. Also, it was required that the system could monitor the loading on each outgoing feeder. The operator wanted to be able to change the load feeder priorities and load setting values.

When operating on an offshore platform it is essential to be able to perform service yourself, so the most important factor for the customer was that the system was highly flexible and modular, so he was independent of a PLC programmer. 

Intelligent system ensures a stable system

The existing gensets on the four platforms were already equipped with DEIF’s AGC-4 controller. Hence, DEIF’s engineering team proposed the customer a simple load shedding system based on the ALC-4 load controller, which would easily communicate with the genset controllers. 

The solution matched all the customers’ needs and could be integrated with the existing system. The package comprised two ALC-4 for load feeding control and one for controlling the eight feeders. Besides, the solution included an AGI 415 HMI for monitoring the load current and prioritisation of the load feeders.

The first system has already been commissioned on one of the four platforms, and the rest will follow as soon as Covid-19 restrictions allow for a visit. 

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