Boost mode for heavy fishing

Variable shaft generator frequency reduces fuel usage

Smooth sailing

Denmark's biggest fishing vessel Gitte Henning is equipped with a 5,220 kW main engine, a 3,000 kW shaft generator, two auxiliary generators (2,470 and 790 kW) and a small 140 kW emergency generator.

In cooperation with Scantechnic, DEIF delivered a complete Delomatic 4 PMS featuring one-touch operation for all six standard operation modes as well as custom-designed Power Take In (PTI) and shaft boost modes that are selectable only from the controller pitch propeller. Utilising the Power Take Out (PTO) mode split function of DEIF’s Delomatic PMS system, however, the shaft generator frequency becomes variable between 50-60 Hz without triggering any busbar alarms. This allows for a wide variation in main engine speed without affecting constant voltage and frequency for the ship’s electrical network.

“With the PTO mode, we’re able to optimise the efficiency of the main engine, reducing both fuel consumption and service intervals” says Jon Sigurd Samuelsen. “It also makes for a smoother trip since it reduces vibrations in the vessel.”


Scantechnic is a recognised supplier of electrical switchboards on the small and medium-sized ships market. The company builds main switchboards with generator control, synchronisation and load sharing using DEIF’s Delomatic 4 Marine PMS.

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