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The CSQ-3 integrates synchroscope and check synchronising relay into a microprocessor-controlled, easy-to-install solution. CSQ-3 is a multi-function synchroscope meter with a long list of functions.

The multi-function synchroscope meter unit, CSQ-3, is operated from the front using pushbuttons behind the removable front cover, protecting users from the near hazardous voltages during set point programming: an innovative DEIF feature usually seen in similar products where switchboards have to be opened to operate the synchroscope.

DEIF's synchroscopes are microprocessor-based synchronising units offering visual indication of relevant values for synchronising generators to net (busbar).

The units are suitable for all types of installation requiring manual synchronisation.

The synchroscopes are housed in a DIN standard case.

  • CGU[2846]

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