»Innovative PMS for award winners, including the Ships of the Year 2012 and 2013, Far Solitaire, and Seven Viking.«

Distributed power management system for award winner

Staying the course

A subsea inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR) vessel, one of the main success and classification criteria for Seven Viking is her ability to safely master the North Sea’s unruly high seas and hold her position steady during maintenance operations.

The Delomatic 4 Marine solution engineered for Seven Viking by DEIF includes class-approved DP-2 operation with closed bus tie breaker and isochronous load sharing with compensated droop as fall back including special speed governor interface.

For safety reasons, the DEIF solution has special blackout preventive protection methods implemented, including thruster control with fast load reduction and trip of non-essential load groups in case of overload. To be able to supervise and control the DEIF power management system from multiple locations, it is fully integrated in the vessel’s alarm and monitoring system.

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