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Participating in a large number of exhibitions, DEIF is likely to be showcasing a range of its products somewhere near you (see the list below).

Please note that we co-exhibit on certain exhibitions together with the Danish Export Association, which is a private, non-profit association that encourages trade between Danish and foreign companies.

Exhibitions 2020



04-06/02/2020 - EUROMARITIME -  Marseille, France - Booth number: G18

05-07/02/2020 - Sähko Tele Valo - Jyvaskyla, Finland - Booth number: C2 521

26-27/02/2020 - AWEA Wind OMS - San Diego, California - Booth number: #143


03-05/03/2020 - Middle East Electricity - Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Booth number: #S2.E30

05-06/03/2020 - WIND O&E EU - Munich, Germany 


01-03/09/2020 - DCD - New York, US  

15-17/09/2020 -DCD - Madrid, Spain

21-23/09/2020 - CCDC - Shanghai, China 


22/10/2020 - Wind Life Maintenance - Glasgow, Scotland

27-28/10/2020 - Asia Clean Energy Summit - Singapore - Booth number F11


25-26/11/2020 - CCDC Annual Summit - Beijing, China 


Exhibitions 2021 


10-13/03/2021 - Win Eurasia - Istanbul, Turkey - Booth number: A150


15-17/06/2021 - Seawork - Southampton, United Kingdom - Booth number PB11

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