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The PPM-2 has been phased out and replaced by the PPM 300 in DEIF's product programme.

Designed for applications in the marine and offshore industry, DEIF’s innovative Protection and Power Management PPM 300 solution is a versatile, intelligent controller platform. Check out the PPM 300.

If you already have an PPM-2 and need a replacement product, please contact DEIF at +45 9614 9614.


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Flag ind PPM-2 handout ID 20310231A00102-301211.pdf A
Data Sheet
Designer's Reference Handbook
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Flag eng PPM-2 DRH 4189340408 UK.pdf E
Flag deu PPM-2 DRH 4189340566 DE.pdf A
Installation Instructions
Operator's Manual
Other Technical Documentation
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Flag eng PPM-2 factory acceptance test 4199400001 UK.pdf D
Quick Start Guide

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