Designed for applications in the marine and offshore industry, DEIF’s innovative PPM 300 solution is a versatile, intelligent generator control platform.

Incorporating an extensive range of control, protection and supervision functions, PPM 300 applications range from generator control and protection to engineered power management solutions developed for diesel generators (including emergency diesel generators), shaft generators, shore connections, and bus tie breakers.

PPM 300 power management systems control and monitor applications meet and maintain set power requirements and guarantee stable operation. PPM 300 power management systems also incorporate market-leading fuel optimisation technology.

In multi-master solutions, the integrated PPM 300 controllers connect and communicate as a closed circuit to eradicate single point failures: in cases of unit fall-out, the master functionality automatically moves to another host keeping the system not just operational but safe and reliable at all times.

Built as a sturdy piece of market-leading quality hardware, the PPM 300 features the latest processor technology and long-life adaptability.

Uniquely, the PPM 300’s modular build supports on-site replacement of processor, communication, measurement and input-output modules with comprehensive class approvals. Changes to the unit at sea or in the field are assisted with automatic recognition functionality facilitating fast, easy and cost-saving service, repairs, and upgrades.

The controller display unit includes a 5” colour graphic screen with intuitive sequences and icons for fast readout of live data, and easy access to alarms handling and controller setup. Functionality is defined and targeted according to user permission levels.


Type Item number
PPM-300 2911500040
  • PMS with ring communication
  • Generator control
  • One touch sequences for genset start & stop, and breaker close & open
  • Automatic synchronise and deload breaker
  • Fast load reduction of less than 100 ms
  • Advanced heavy consumer control
  • Advanced fuel optimisation feature
  • Advanced blackout prevention and recovery
  • Broadcast of software
  • Emulation and supervision
  • High resolution 5" colour graphic display with push-buttons
  • Flexible and modular input/output with metal rack
  • Plug & play, auto-configure I/O modules and network
  • Integrated 5x RJ45 ports with auto-detected multi-function
  • Access to all connected units in one point
  • Context-sensitive help in the controller display unit
  • Event and alarm log, with real-time clock
  • Pre-defined control settings
  • User-friendly logic configuration tool, based on ladder logic and function blocks with monitor operation
  • Password-protected, with customisable permission levels
  • 3-phase AC measurement up to 690 V AC directly, class 0.5
  • Easy-to-use PC tool (PICUS)
  • Advanced alarm handling with latch and shelve possible

Protection and Power Management (PPM 300)

Protection and Power Management (PPM 300)

Installing the Multi line 300 controller rack

PICUS Alarms page

PICUS Connect page

PICUS introduction

Unboxing the PPM 300

Introduction to the PPM 300 controller rack

Unboxing the display unit (DU 300)

Introduction to the display unit (DU 300)

Installing the display unit (DU 300)


Application Notes
Commissioning Guidelines
Designer's Handbook
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Flag eng PPM 300 Designer's handbook 4189340911 UK J
Modbus tables
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Flag eng PPM_300_Modbus_tables_4189341079F_UK.xlsx F
Other Technical Documentation
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Flag eng Safety note 4189341189A UK-FR A
Quick Start Guide
User's Manual
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Flag eng PPM 300 PICUS manual 4189341080 UK F

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