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DEIF’s GC-1M, has been phased out and is no longer for sale.

This page provides technical documentation only.

If you already have a GC-1M and need a replacement product, please contact DEIF at +45 9614 9614.


Sprache Dokumentation Überarbeitung
Flag eng LR 06-20046-E2 UK.PDF A
Flag eng Type certificate 4124030057 UK.pdf A
Data Sheet
Description of Options
Sprache Dokumentation Überarbeitung
Flag eng Option B3, 4189340476 UK.pdf A
Flag eng Option H5, 4189340400 UK.pdf B
Designer's Reference Handbook
Sprache Dokumentation Überarbeitung
Flag eng GC-1, GC-1M, DRH 4189340396 UK.pdf I

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