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Ulyanovsk wind park from Russia was filmed by the Chinese national TV

Ulyanovsk wind park from Russia was filmed by the Chinese national TV CCTV-4

On 21 June , as part of the TV series "The Far Away Home", Chinese CCTV-4 aired “The Big Wind turbines from the bank of Volga River, Russia”. The programme mainly focused on the Russian Ulyanovsk wind park, the first wind park in Russia with 14 sets of 110-2500LT Direct Drive Permanent Magnet low-temperature wind turbines manufactured by the Chinese wind turbine manufacturer DongFang. DEIF Wind Power Technology supplied with solutions comprising main control, pitch control, SCADA & WPPM for all 14 turbines.

The Ulyanovsk wind park is close to the Volga River, which is characterised by biting cold during the winter and extreme heat and humidity during the summer. Average wind speeds reach 6 to 7 metres per second. The smooth operation of the Ulyanovsk wind park once again proves that the robust turbine components and advanced solutions developed from DEIF Wind Power Technology can rise to the challenge in all environmental conditions.

DEIF wind power control technology has been certified by GL and is renowned in the global wind power industry.

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