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Integrate load handling & eliminate expensive PLCs

Ideally suited for critical power applications, the Automatic Load Controller, ALC-4, integrates load handling into your power management system, eliminating the need for traditional PLC solutions. The ALC-4 improves system reliability and installs quickly while also reducing your investment and fuel costs compared to PLCs.

Reliable power, reduced fuel consumption, wear & tear

Intended for use in critical power management applications, the ALC-4 can control up to 8 consumer feeders per unit and helps control power plants in combination with other DEIF controllers.

By prioritising each consumer, the ALC-4 calculates which load groups can be supplied, depending on the available power in the system. This also means that your system is running fully optimised at all times, thus reducing fuel consumption along with wear and tear.

Quick and flawless installation

Contrary to traditional PLC solutions that have to be programmed manually from scratch, the ALC-4 units just require manual setting of a few parameters and you’ll be up and running. Combined with DEIF’s unique Emulation SW, you’ll be able to create and fully test your application solution virtually on a PC before installation and commissioning. This reduces installation time and risk of human error.


 Vitor Lory

The speaker, Vitor Lory is Product Manager for Insight, DEIF’s premier remote monitoring and data management solution. With 20 years of experience in the field of on-site power and power rental applications, he combines the knowledge of customer needs with a vision of delivering a flexible remote monitoring and data management solution.

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