DEIF support helps Kyros refurbish damaged power plant

Despite getting no support or documentation from the OEM, Indian EPC contractor Kyros Power International FZE was able to refurbish and commission a power plant at an Iraqi steel-works. A complete DEIF control solution and competent support played an important role in getting the war-damaged STX engines of the plant back in operation.

When EPC contractor Kyros Power International FZE agreed to refurbish the power plant at a steel-works near the city of Erbil in Iraq, it was quite a challenge. The plant had been damaged in air raids during the 2003 war; of the original 12 STX engines, only half were now in what Kyros Director Anil Nalawade describes as “slightly workable condition”. Stored under the open sky for years since the war, the engines had taken further damage from the tough environmental conditions. As a result of theft, the control systems were gone, and no documentation – wiring diagrams, manuals, or drawings – was available.

Good experience prompts further cooperation

In short, the road to an operational power plant looked very long, but if anyone could complete the task, it was Kyros. Headquartered in Mumbai, India, with offices in the United Arab Emirates and Bangladesh, the company refurbishes, operates, and maintains complete power plants. Its highly experienced personnel specialise in engine electrification, automation, and mechanics, and as such they were competent to carry out the mechanical renovation of the engines. For the project in Iraq, however, they needed a reliable partner for designing a new control system and turned to DEIF.

This was not the first time that Kyros and DEIF had overcome challenges together. The companies first joined forces some years ago when Kyros needed to replace faulty PLCs in some gas engines, and the OEM was unable to help. DEIF stepped in to help make the engines operational again. “That was at the back of my mind, and that’s the reason we selected DEIF here, too. We have a very good experience with DEIF”, says Anil Nalawade.

Anil Nalawade Portrait[1536]

“We were able to set the parameters, limits, and alarms according to the engine manufacturer’s recommendations. The DEIF solution made this easier”,

Anil Nalawade

Director, Kyros Power International FZE

Complete solution with full auxiliary control

DEIF provided a complete control solution for 5 of the engines. The start/stop sequences for the HFO-fuelled 8MW engines are handled by a DEIF Delomatic 400 Gas controller. The Delomatic 400 offers many I/O options, including Pt100/Pt1000, NiCrNi (type K), analogue, RPM, and digital inputs as well as digital outputs, making it perfect for controlling the many auxiliaries needed. Six DEIF AGC-4 advanced genset controllers (one on each refurbished engine, one for the mains) handle breaker control, automatic synchronisation, and load sharing. Control and monitoring are provided by DEIF PC software, which acts as a miniature SCADA system, and five DEIF AGI 400 advanced graphical interfaces, one on each genset panel. In addition, the solution includes protection relays and voltage regulators.

The switchboard was built in India and then shipped to Iraq for installation and commissioning. The DEIF solution made it easier for Kyros to set up the power plant. “We were able to set the parameters, limits, and alarms according to the engine manufacturer’s recommendations. The DEIF solution made this easier”, explains Anil Nalawade.

Good support and significant benefits

In addition to the solution itself, DEIF delivered the expertise and support needed to get the non-standard STX engines at the power plant up and running. “We received very good support from DEIF. They had two people working remotely online and also sent one person to the site to support the DEIF system. Those things helped us commission the power plant flawlessly”, says Anil Nalawade.

For Kyros, the main benefits of the DEIF solution are that it allows online diagnosis of the engine, and that it allows the operators to remotely trip the engine if a danger consdition occurs, or a parameter approaches alarm or trip levels. Being able to monitor all engine parameters online makes troubleshooting easier. The fact that the system automatically handles all synchronisation of the power going out from the plant is also a significant benefit.

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“They don’t let you down”

Despite the initial lack of OEM support and documentation, the power plant at the steel-works is now running 24/7 with no issues, and the end user is satisfied. Since the engines are not standard-type units, and the owner does not want to take any risks, Kyros has been tasked with handling the daily operation of the plant, allowing the steel-works staff to focus on their core business. The DEIF solution is helping Kyros staff manage the plant and reach its business objectives, and Anil Nalawade says that his company could well be using DEIF on other projects in future, thanks to the combination of quality hardware and value-added support.

“I’d definitely recommend DEIF”, he concludes. “The hardware is very good, and they deliver the support required 24/7. Also, we know the people working at DEIF. They have a very good record, and they don’t let you down!”