DEIF's synchroscopes are microprocessor-based synchronising units that provide a visual indication of relevant values when synchronising generators to mains (busbar). They are suitable for all types of installation that require manual synchronisation.

The front-operated synchroscopes are housed in rugged DIN standard housings and are easy to install, configure, and operate. The range includes three different products.

CSQ 3 Front

CSQ-3 multi-function synchroscope

Combined LED synchroscope and check synchronising relay in one easy-to-install solution that boasts a long list of features including easy and safe push-button programming of all set points.

RSQ 3 Front

RSQ-3 precision LED synchroscope

High-accuracy LED synchroscope that clearly indicates phase and voltage accordance as well as frequency difference with high immunity to harmonic distortion.

LSQ synchroscope

Cost-effective 3-lamp synchroscope that indicates phase and voltage accordance.

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